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.Greg watched Keira interacting and conversing with his brother.She was such a shy little thing, but when she talked about her work, her whole face lit up.He could see her passion as she waved her hands around explaining what she had done.He knew then she wasn’t as introverted as she made out.There was passion beneath that shy façade that just hadn’t been tapped into yet.He couldn’t wait to get their hot little mate into their bed, but first they had to tell her they were werewolves.He wondered how she was going to react.Would she laugh and think they were nuts? Or would she run from the house screaming? He certainly hoped not.“I have to head back to the house and get some work done.Jonah, my cousin and boss, along with his brothers, runs a large corporation from their home.Apparently they can’t do without me,” Greg said.He saw her looking at him.Her eyes glazed over, her pupils dilated, her breathing escalated, and she licked her lips.She leaned toward him, and he took advantage of her arousal.He moved over to Keira, cupped her chin in his hand, and leaned down to brush his lips over hers.He saw the shock in her eyes at his gesture, but he also smelled her desire.Her eyes dilated even more, her heartbeat notched up, and she was breathing heavily.Yep, his little mate wasn’t as immune to him and his brothers as she tried to make out.“I’ll see you later, baby,” Greg said and headed toward the door.He glanced back when he felt her eyes on him, and couldn’t help but grin when he caught her ogling his ass.He left the room without a backward glance.* * * *Greg walked into his Alpha and cousin’s large office in the back of the den house.He waited until Jonah was off the phone and sat down in the large armchair across from his cousin.“Fill me in with what’s going on with your mate, Greg,” Jonah commanded.Greg spent the next half an hour going over everything he, his cousin Chris, and his brothers had found out about his mate.His Alpha leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest.“You need to get her here.She’ll be safer at the pack house.Have you spoken to Mikhail or Brock yet?” Jonah asked.“No.I wanted to talk to you first.I was going to ask to bring Keira here, but you saved me the trouble.We’re going to have to beef up security.I don’t want Michelle in any danger, either,” Greg stated.The last thing Greg wanted was to have Jonah and his brothers, Mikhail and Brock, angry with him for putting their mate, Michelle, in jeopardy.“I’ll get Chris, Blayk, and James on it,” said Jonah, and then he heard Jonah use the common mental link to speak with his cousins.“Chris, I need to see you and your brothers in my office as soon as possible.We need to discuss a few things.”“We’ll be there in fifteen minutes, Alpha,” Chris replied.“I can’t believe she was living with a murderer for the last six years.God, he could have taken her out at any time, and we would never have met her,” Greg said, running a hand through his hair with frustration.“That’s your wolf talking, Greg.You are going to have to claim her as soon as you can.I can feel your wolf pacing.Have you told her about us yet?”“No.I’m just a tad worried how she’ll react.I was planning on telling her tonight when we bring her here.Do you think Michelle will be able to help her if she gets all hysterical? Fuck, I’m scared if she runs my wolf is going to take over, and then where will we be? The last thing I want to do is have her running from my wolf in terror.”“You and your brothers work on getting her here.I’ll let the pack know to keep the animal tendencies to a minimum until you’ve told your mate what we are.There is a pack run planned for tonight.I think you and your brothers should attend.Maybe letting off a bit of steam will help control your wolves,” Jonah advised.“You’re probably right,” Greg said with a sigh.“I’ll have Michelle keep Keira company, but as soon as you get her in the door, I want you to let her know you know what’s going on.Someone will slip up and call her by her real name, and then the shit really will hit the fan,” Jonah stated.Chris, Blayk, and James entered the office and sat down.Greg and Jonah explained the situation with Keira, and his cousins immediately got to work at their desks on the other side of the room.Greg and Jonah were chatting about the pack members and what they needed to do to keep the women safe when Chris spoke.“We are going to need to be more vigilant protecting the women.Your mate’s brother is on her trail.He has found where she traded her car for the other.She’s been careful but forgot about the transfer papers when she traded her vehicle.It’s only a matter of time before he finds her,” Chris said.“How the hell did you find that out so quickly?” Jonah asked.“We have specialized software.I typed in your mate’s name, and any information on her, whether provided by her or not, sends back an alert,” Chris explained.“Okay.Well, that’s good.I’m not even going to ask where you got that program.I don’t think I want to know.Make sure all the males in the pack are on full alert,” Greg commanded.“We have an obligation to make sure our women are kept safe.”Chapter FiveKeira had finished up work for the day.She had made sure to work late to make up for her tardiness that morning.She saved the program she had been working on then shut down the computer.She was looking forward to a nice, hot shower, and then maybe she would head down to the bar for a drink.She headed for the shower.She undressed and turned the faucets on.Nothing happened.What the hell? She fiddled with taps, turning them on and off a few times, but still nothing.She tried the faucets at the sink and got the same results.She gave a frustrated sigh, re-dressed sans underwear, and headed downstairs.Keira sat on a barstool and waited for Jake to finish serving a customer.She watched the easy grace with which he moved.The muscles in his arms and abs rippled, making her squirm in her seat.“Hey, honey, do you want a drink?”“No, well, maybe.I was going to have a shower then come down for a drink but the shower isn’t working [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]