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.Praise for the New York Times bestselling seriesAn ambitious intern.A perfectionist executive.And a whole lot of name calling.“Filled with plenty of hot sex and sizzling tension.”—RT Book Reviews“.deliciously steamy.”—EW.com“A devilishly depraved cross between a hardcore porn and a very special episode of The Office.For us fetish-friendly fiends to feast on!!”—PerezHilton.com“The perfect blend of sex, sass, and heart, Beautiful Bastard is a steamy battle of wills that will get your blood pumping!”—S.C.Stephens, New York Times bestselling author of Thoughtless“Beautiful Bastard has heart, heat, and a healthy dose of snark.Romance readers who love a smart plot are in for an amazingly sexy treat!”—Myra McEntire, author of Hourglass“Beautiful Bastard is the perfect mix of passionate romance and naughty eroticism.I couldn’t, and didn’t, put it down until I’d read every last word.”—Elena Raines, TwilightishA charming British playboy.A girl determined to finally live.And a secret liaison revealed in all too vivid color.“Hot.if you like your hook-ups early and plentiful.”—EW.com“I loved Beautiful Bastard, truly.I wasn’t sure how Christina Lauren planned on topping Bennett.They did it.Max is walking hotness.”—Bookalicious“The thing that I love the most about Christina Lauren and the duo’s Beautiful books is that there is always humor in them.As well as hot steamy moments and some of the sweetest I love you’s.”—BooksSheReads.com“When I say Beautiful Stranger is hot, I mean Beautiful Stranger is HOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!! This book has some of the steamiest, sexiest, panty-dropping scenes and dialogue of any book I’ve ever read.”—Live Love Laugh & ReadThank you for downloading this Gallery Books eBook.* * *Sign up for our newsletter and receive special offers, access to bonus content, and info on the latest new releases and other great eBooks from Gallery Books and Simon & Schuster.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UPor visit us online to sign up ateBookNews.SimonandSchuster.comFor our fic girls—each and every one of you—and the wild, real-life love stories you’ve shared.We started writing because we needed to, but we stayed because of you.C & LoChapter One“I’m about to cut a bitch,” I hissed, pushing my share of the work away from me.Bennett failed to even look up, so I added, “And by that, I mean paper-cut a bitch.”At least this got a tiny flicker of a smile.But I could tell, even after doing this for the past hour, he was still in Wedding Preparation Zone, and would keep robotically working until the entire, unending pile of cardstock in front of him was gone.Our normally immaculate dining room table was littered with Tiffany-blue wedding programs.Across from me, Bennett methodically folded each one in half before moving it to the Completed stack.It was a simple process:Fold, move.Fold, move.Fold, move.Fold, move.But I was losing my damn mind.Our flight left at six the following morning for San Diego, and our bags were all packed but for the four hundred wedding programs we had to fold.I groaned as I remembered we also had to tie five hundred blue ribbons around five hundred tiny satin bags full of candy.“You know what would make this night so much better?” I asked.His hazel eyes flickered to me before returning to the task at hand.Fold, move.“A gag?” he suggested.“Amusing, but no,” I said, giving him the finger.“What would make this night better would be getting on a plane and flying to Vegas, getting married, and then fucking all night in a giant hotel bed.”He didn’t bother to reply to this, not even a whiff of a smile.It was probably fair to say he’d heard this exact sentiment from me approximately seven thousand times in the past few months.“Fine,” I replied to his silence.“But I’m serious.It’s not too late to drop all of this and fly to Vegas.”He took a moment to scratch his jaw before reaching for another program to fold.“Of course it isn’t, Chlo.”I’d been playing around—mostly—up to this point, but with his words genuine irritation swept through me.I slapped my hand on the dining room table, earning a quick blink from him before he resumed his folding.“Don’t patronize me, Ryan.”“Yeah.Okay.”I pointed a finger at him.“Like that.”My fiancé gave me a dry look, and then winked.Damn that man and his goddamn sexy wink.My anger dissipated somewhat and in its place came a flare of desire.He was ignoring me, being a patronizing ass.I was being a bitch.It was the perfect setup for me to have many, many orgasms.I looked him over and sucked the edge of my lower lip into my mouth.He was wearing a deep blue T-shirt that was so old and worn, the collar was frayed and—even though I couldn’t see it—I knew there was a tiny hole right above the hem that was just big enough for me to slide my finger through and touch the warm skin of his stomach [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]