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.His grip on me was firm.I knew from having my brother that talking was pointless.Men just needed to let it out, not talk about it for hours like we women do.When he pulled back, I just slapped his back a couple of times, letting him know I understood, and then I walked over to the cabinet for some glasses.Just as I was going to ask if he wanted some, Mike walked into the room and said, "You want to go get a drink?"Jason looked at me and then him and said, "I think I need to stay here with Heather."I had just gone for the wine when I saw there was none.I turned to Jason and said, "Are you out of wine?""Yeah, Heather got rid of it all so she wouldn't be tempted during the pregnancy.Sorry, I should have thought of that when I saw you grabbing the glasses.""It’s okay, I’ll just go grab some real quick.Shit! I don't have my purse with me.""It's all right, Daisy, you can ride with me."I had no idea who Mike was talking to even though he was looking right at me."What did you call her?""Doesn't she look just like Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard?"Jason turned to me and said, "I've never seen it before but yeah, she sure does."I was still at a total loss.Who is Daisy Duke and why is he talking about me like that? He normally doesn't even acknowledge my presence."I have no idea who you’re talking about but can't you just grab the wine if you're going anyway?"Jason looked at me like I had two heads.All of my friends have noticed how I get when Mike's around, and for some reason that day was different.I could breathe and treat him like he was just any other guy.It was almost as if now that he could see me, I was angry that he never did before."What would be the fun in that? Come on, we’re only going to the liquor store, it's not like it’s a date.""As if I would go on a date with you?"Jason's eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets."Oh, you would and you would love it.""Don't flatter yourself.Grab a groupie.You have plenty of them to adore your every word.That's not me.Grab a couple of bottles of Riesling and Pinot.Thanks."I walked past both of them and back into a room of three girls with their jaws on the floor."What?"Kate whispered, "Shut the door" while her hands flailed around.I followed her instructions and then turned to find out what was going on.All three of them attacked me."I can't believe you did that!""Or said that!""I'm so proud of you!"I couldn't tell which one said what since it all came out simultaneously."You guys don't understand."I thought they let it go but I was still very much the center of attention.Each one sat down on Heather's bed, staring at me."What?"Sadie was the first one to speak up."We heard you talking to Mike.You were so awesome, Marissa!""And you did it with attitude! It's about time you realize he's just like any other cocky, arrogant man.""Kate's right.The only way he will ever respect you is for you to keep this up.Don't fall all over him.All the other girls do.Be different."First it was Sadie, then Kate and finally Heather.It was like I was a bobble head trying to keep up."You guys, it’s not like that.He was making fun of me.He even called me Daisy! What the hell was that? I don't even know who that is.""Shut up! It's only every boy’s fantasy girl from childhood."Heather shocked the hell out of me with that one.Fantasy? Yeah right!"Well then he didn't mean it that way.You know he didn't.He's never paid any attention to me."Sadie walked over to me, grabbed my shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, "He just did and you are practically the spitting image of her.The long blond hair, huge boobs, perfect figure.He nailed it."I was so overwhelmed, I needed to get away, but I couldn't go anywhere without a car and it was supposed to be about Heather."Guys, we need to change the subject quick.Marissa is freaking out."I wasn't freaking out completely but Kate was right, we needed to get off the subject now."Let’s talk about what game we are going to play when they get back with the alcohol.Kate was at least trying to lighten the mood but Heather's face fell."They? Did Jason go, Marissa? He better not have.I need him here.""No you don't.You have us.That's all you need.Besides, it used to be just me and you against the world.Now you have three friends here for you."Heather and Sadie have been friends forever, something that always reminded me of Zoey.Zoey was my next door neighbor my whole life and my best friend.When she got accepted to the college in New York we had always dreamed of going to together and I didn't have the test scores to get the scholarship I needed, we were forced to separate for the first time in our lives [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]