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.Fawn kicked free of her sweats and wrapped her legs around his hips.One thrust and he was inside her silken warmth.He was home.He rocked his hips, going deep.“Bless the Moon God, you feel good.”She hung onto his neck, dug her heels into his ass and squeezed down on him so tight, Nash almost came.“I’m already on the edge.”Fawn nipped his lower lip.“Take me there.”Nash thrust again and again, giving her all he had.He wanted to please her, to take her to the edge of wonder and beyond.He drove hard, wanting her to feel his need and share the fever swamping him.She nipped his ear, mimicking wolf mating play.Fur sprang out on his back and belly.He hovered on the edge of change, just controlling the shift.His human and lycan senses melded, the mating urge heightened.She held him tight, a warm cocoon of soft folds, heat and moisture.Nothing on this Earth felt better than being deep inside her pussy.Her soft cry triggered his inner wolf.He thrust hard and fast, then her pussy fluttered and flooded with molten heat.A growl tore from his throat as his climax exploded from his balls and a shudder traveled the length of his spine.Slowly, his brain came out of the burning fog of pleasure and Nash became aware of the cold.“Your butt’s got to be freezing.”He stepped back and set Fawn on her feet.Nash yanked up his pants and kneeled to help Fawn, then his nose twitched.Nash inhaled, imprinting their mingled scents.He leaned close and licked her pussy, savoring the taste of their mating.Nash started to rise, but Fawn grabbed him by the hair.“Don’t stop.I love the feel of your lips on me.”He drew her leg over his shoulder and slid his tongue deep inside her.She was hot and moist, lush against his tongue.She trembled, her pussy vibrating as he thrust his tongue inside her.Nash nuzzled, sucked and licked.Every breath he took was filled with she-wolf perfume.Moaning, she rocked her hips.He palmed her ass, then fastened his lips on her clit.Her grip on his hair tightened to the point of pain.He suckled deep and strong until she trembled and came in a rush of liquid heat.Fawn gasped.“You’re good.”Nash massaged her clit with his tongue until her trembling eased and her breathing quieted.When her leg slipped off his shoulder, Nash released her, slipped her sweatpants over her feet and pulled them up.He stood and their gazes met.“You can do that anytime,” she said.He hadn’t done all the things he’d wanted to do and the thought of spending the day indulging in the pleasure of her body made his cock jerk.He pulled her into his arms.“I love fucking you.”“Let’s have breakfast, check on your wolves and spend the rest of the day in bed.”Fawn understood him, the connection was true.Nash cupped her face.“That’s why I love you.”“Nash?”“I love you.”The words were right, the emotion real.He’d found his mate.She stared at him without saying a word, the silence tearing at his heart.Deep inside, he’d feared Fawn wouldn’t feel the same, but Nash knew the difference between feeling momentary lust and being in love.“Last night unburied everything I’ve been feeling for some time,” he said.“I don’t know when it happened.I know that I’ve dreamed about you a lot over the last couple of years.I yearned for you, but I kept it buried so deep, I didn’t have to acknowledge it.I can’t push it all back inside and pretend it doesn’t exist.”He waited for her to react, to declare her love or reject him.“Let’s discuss this over breakfast.I feel like pancakes.”He’d offered his heart and she’d chosen pancakes.Feeling a bit foolish and dejected, Nash watched Fawn walk back into the cabin.He’d never said those words before and wouldn’t say them again.Fawn stirred the pancake batter, her arm trying to keep pace with her pounding heart.She dropped the whisk and closed her eyes.Love.Nash loved her.Why didn’t she tell him how she felt? Why did she turn and run?Fawn sank to the kitchen floor and leaned against the cabinets.She knew why.She was afraid, a coward, but that didn’t excuse her bad behavior or soothe her hurting heart.Loving Nash had been her secret, a delicious secret she’d buried in her heart and never acknowledged except in her dreams.Only then would she allow her mind to play and to fantasize about Nash.In her dreams, he was her lover, her mate and the sire of her offspring.In her dreams, she’d never have to face her elders, her pack or her family and admit she loved an Arasani werewolf.She’d never endure banishment or censure.And she wouldn’t have to give up her goal to be pack leader.But to love him, to have him, she’d have to stand up to the elders, the pack and her family.Nash would face the same difficulties with his pack and his family.Did they love one another enough to leave home, family and the security of the pack?They weren’t kids too foolish to realize the consequences.They couldn’t run away and ignore the disastrous wake they’d leave behind.Running away like lovesick teenagers wasn’t the answer.All she needed was a few months, perhaps a year to achieve her goals, mutual goals they both believed in.Once she became the new pack leader, she’d forge a new peace between the Chanta and the Arasani packs.Then together, she and Nash would fight for their right to mate.They’d set an example for both their packs.Inter-mating would ensure a long and lasting peace.But was Nash ready to keep their secret and support her cause?He was an intelligent and reasonable man, and once they talked it through, Fawn was sure he’d stand by her side.She pushed off the floor and walked across the room.She opened the door and stepped out onto the deck, but didn’t see Nash.Spotting his coffee mug, she hurried to the railing.“Nash?”Fawn glanced around, her gaze landing on the clothes, folded and stacked on a lounge chair.Fawn picked up his clothes and held them to her chest [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]