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.At all.I’m sending someone to get you,” Gwen said softly.“Someone that Rhys trusts.I trust him too.Just, just get there.He will be there in nine hours.Can you hold on that long?”“I can.”“Good.You hold on, sis.Someone is coming for you.”Chapter TwoA phone call in the dead of night wasn’t something anyone wanted to get.The fact he was up anyway didn’t matter.He grabbed the cell and looked at the screen as he answered.“Yeah?” he said in a low tone.“Need a favor.I’ll owe you big,” the voice on the other end said.That had his full attention.Especially considering he likely owed Rhys Hollister a half dozen favors as it was.“Call us even,” he countered.There was a long moment of silence before Rhys sighed.“Okay, but you may change your mind after I tell you what it is.Actually, you’ll change your mind once you meet my favor,” his friend and former Marine Corps cohort muttered.“Spit it out, Rhys.What do you need me to do that has you calling me in the dead of night?” Glancing at the clock, he squinted.Two forty-six a.m.to be precise.“I need you to get to the L.A.Greyhound on Fourth as fast as you can.Take a vehicle, you’re going to want one of your own.I need you to pick up Gwen’s sister, Gennifer,” he said softly.Ah, the elusive baby sister.The trouble finder extraordinaire.Gwen, Rhys’s fiancée, and nicest person on the planet, was the polar opposite of her baby sister.From all the stories he’d heard, Genny and Rhys’s baby sister Alison used to be serious hell raisers.“The guy she was with is likely the issue.” Rhys was still talking.“His name is Salvador Peretti.I’m sending you everything I could find on the asshole.If I get anything more once Simon gets here, I’ll shoot it to your email.I sent along a couple photos as well so you should know him anywhere.Listen, Vic,” he said before pausing.Victor Michaels had survived by listening to his gut.It wasn’t always accurate—the fourteen bullet wounds he’d taken while in the Marines gave testament to that—but it was a good little guide.“What?” he growled into the phone.He was already starting to figure out in his head what he’d need to take as he looked around the house he, Simon Markham, and Anthony Romero—also former Marines—had rented for the duration of their stay in Massey, Texas.He had to travel light to be fast, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to be armed to the fucking teeth.“This Peretti guy has the cops in his pocket.He has a massive security detail that are all former Rangers or SEALs that ended up getting weird discharges from the service.They are, for all intents and purposes, as fucking psychotic as he is.You will need to disguise Genny in some way to get her out of town.I don’t even care what you do, I doubt she will either at this point, but no matter what, you get her back home.”“You know I will,” he said.It was a matter of honor between brothers.Not of flesh and blood, but of the battle field.“How is she going to know I’m there to bring her home and not just one of Peretti’s goons?”“Hang on,” Rhys said.The phone was muffled just enough that the words on the other end couldn’t be heard.Vic figured the man was talking to Gwen.“All right.” He came back on the line.“Stop by here before you head out.Gwen’s going to give you a pendant that’s been in the family forever.Peretti and his goons could never get their hands on it.But Genny will recognize it right off.”“Copy that,” he said.They chatted a couple more minutes before Vic got off the phone.Throwing a bag together quickly, he scooped up his laptop.Dragging it with him to the weapons armory of the house—hell yeah, they had one—he got it up and running while he chose his tools of the trade.Thirty minutes later, armed to the gills, prepared with information that left him chilled, he headed straight for the Hollister Ranch.A quick stop and then he’d be on his way.****Pulling into a parking spot up the street from the Greyhound station, Vic turned off his bike as he looked around.Tugging his helmet off, he stuck it into one of the big saddlebags of his Harley Softtail as he stretched.He couldn’t feel his fucking tailbone any longer.Not that it mattered.He’d suffered a hell of a lot worse over the years.Quickly bending over, he touched his fingers to the asphalt before slowly straightening up.A couple of LAPD’s finest gave him a once-over and nodded.Returning the nod, he rolled his arms in the sockets [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]