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.She used her defiant nature on everyone.“You wouldn’t be making me go to this thing if mother were alive.”“If your mother were alive, a lot of things wouldn’t be happening.Discussion over.Now get yourself ready.I hope to see you there promptly.” Adele silently saluted him as a gesture of sarcasm.“Adele! Please don’t do this right now! I don’t have time for your games! Get yourself ready!”She stayed exactly where she was and sighed as if his yelling hadn’t bothered her.“Trever!”I looked to those next to me when I heard him call his name and waited for the reply.“What happened?”“Talk some sense into her because I have to leave before I lose it!” The General’s loud stomping footsteps left them alone.“Oh, Adele, Adele, Adele.”“Go away.”“Just listen, all right?” Adele stayed exactly the way she was and didn’t say a word.“He doesn’t ask much of you.The least you could do is not fight with him over the things he does ask and put him in these moods.”“He never asked me.He told me.There’s a difference.”“Well, he has that right.He’s your father.Just humor him this time, would you?”“Humoring him is pretty hopeless.”Trever laughed, a side of him we were first getting to witness.“That’s the funny thing about hope.It can sometimes be closer than you think.The key is not to go looking for it.If you wait long enough, if you’re patient, it will come to you.Just think about it.”He must have walked away because it got quiet and nothing else was said.“Come on.” I whispered.“We’ll leave the horses here for now.”Troy and Darius nodded and they followed me through the trees closer towards the wall.I was anxious to see her up close and get the chance to hold her again.It’s all I wanted.She still hasn’t moved.She was laying on her back looking up at the sky, completely unaware of what was heading towards her.It was the perfect opportunity and I went for it.“Hey, Love!”Chapter 7AdeleMy heart fluttered and my nerves tensed every muscle of my body to hear that name again.I was almost scared to look down, afraid I was just hearing things but I couldn’t stop myself.My head turned down and my eyes followed.Was I dreaming? I was seeing those eyes again.They were bright but gentle and I lost myself in them, muttering his name.“Zayden?”He was looking back and at first, I didn’t think it could have been real.It’s felt like so long since I’ve seen him; the longest week of my life.I was beginning to think that he wasn’t coming and was unsure how to react.“It’s me, Love.”He showed his gentle smile and I was anxious.I sucked in a breath just to hold tears in along with it and hopped off the wall.I used my gift and controlled the air around me so I would land softly but Zayden caught me in his arms anyway.I wrapped mine right around him, instantly feeling the cold steel against my skin from his breastplate but I didn’t care.I just wanted to know that he was really here.“Zayden! What took you so long?!”He wrapped his arms around me tightly and spoke low with his lips press against my ear.“I’m sorry but I’m here now.I’m not going anywhere.”“You had me worry.I thought something must have happened.”“Nothing to us.It just took longer to get out of the city than we thought but we were determined.I wasn’t going to leave you here to suffer.”“But you did.You did leave me here and I have been suffering.”“Please forgive me.I never wanted to leave you in the first place.I just didn’t have a choice but I’m not going to do that again.”“Promise?”I got to see his classic charming smile again and knew he meant it.“Definitely promise.I won’t let anything like that separate us again.”I bounced up on my tiptoes, placing my cold lips to his.“So, are we not standing here or what?” I heard Darius ask.Troy laughed.“Apparently not.”“Sorry.I’m glad you’re here too.” I stepped to them and hugged them at the same time with one arm around each of their necks.“And I won’t be the only one.”“Shouldn’t we take this somewhere else?” Zayden asked.“I think we need a plan.”“The manor is empty.I can take you inside and we can do it there.It’s getting colder anyway and you’ve must have been out here for a while.”“We’ve technically been outside since the night you left.” Darius joked.“We’ve forgotten what warmth feels like.”“Well, let me remind you.”“Is this thing easy to climb?” Zayden was looking up at the wall, knowing we had to get over it.“I wouldn’t recommend it.I could just—” I paused with both my eyebrows lifting when I saw Zayden climbing up the surface of the wall effortlessly without the need of holds.“Yeah.He can do that.” Troy sighed.“Part of that gift he has, you know?”“No, I did not know.Impressive but sadly a waste of time, Zayden.”“Why?”“Because you’re forgetting that I can just do this.” I held my hands out towards the wall and gave them a gentle push towards it.The stones cracked and folded away from each other and a doorway had opened up right in front of us.I stepped through with Darius and Troy right behind me and turned to look back up at Zayden with a smile.“That’s why.”“Impressive but it won’t take me long to get down.” He hopped off the wall like I had previously done and landed smoothly on his feet without a problem.I couldn’t help but smile again and watched his eyes fade.“Impressive.Welcome to Balwin Manor.”I turned and welcomed them to my home.They seemed to like it.They were staring widely at the large ‘U’ shaped house.A covered balcony wrapped around the inside with glass doors leading to every room.Right in front of us was the courtyard where we practiced our training.It was filled with the typical obstacles as well as gardens and a training ring in the center.“Wow.” They muttered.I tried not to laugh.“I know it’s not the palace but it’s home.”“No.It’s perfect.”“Come on.We shouldn’t stay out in the open like this.” I led them through the courtyard to the main door on the other side and had a smile on my face the whole time.I couldn’t believe they actually came.I think a part of me didn’t even realize it yet.This has been the worst week of my life but somehow it didn’t seem to matter anymore.They were here.That’s all that did.“I thought you said it was empty.” Zayden whispered when I poked my head in the door, making sure they stayed out.“Just being sure.Those closest to my father come in and out of here at their leisure but all I have to do is get you upstairs and then we should be fine.”Zayden nodded and I led them carefully down the hall to the west wing and up the flight of stairs.It seemed even quieter up here and I brought them into my room, immediately closing the all the curtains with my gift.“It should be fine for a while.We’re just going to have to keep you away from my father.”“What if we didn’t do that?” Zayden asked like he was already worried about my answer.“I hope that was a joke.If he knows you’re here, you’re dead.”“But what if he does know? He can see the future.We haven’t forgotten about that.”No.I couldn’t believe it.“He would have mentioned it.”“Would he? What was your story when you got home? Did you tell him what happened or lie?”I sighed and became nervous, looking down at the floor.“Lied [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]