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.Building a home of their own.Saul had heard many things about the moment when he found his mate, but he hadn't expected it to feel like this.Perhaps he should have realized it sooner, from the moment he'd met Gavin's eyes and took in his delicious scent.But he had not expected to find his mate today, let alone that his mate would be a human.Not that it mattered.He didn't know if those flashes brought him insight on the future, but God, he definitely hoped so.A shiver coursed down his spine, and he tightened his hold on Gavin.He must have been acting quite oddly because Gavin cupped his cheek with striking gentleness."Saul, are you okay?"His mate's touch almost made Saul lose all control.He reined in his wolf, since howling in victory and bending Gavin over the bar didn't seem like a valid option for the way this night would go."Yeah," he replied after a few seconds."Never better."Gavin eyed him with obvious uncertainty."Would you like to get out of here?" he suggested."Maybe you got light-headed because of all the smoke."It took far more than a little smoke and alcohol to bring down a werewolf.Apparently, it took a gorgeous human with big brown eyes and a shy smile.Either way, Saul leapt at the chance Gavin offered him."Sure, let's go.We can get a late dinner or something.""I'd like that," Gavin said, his full lips twisting into a wide smile.Even if Gavin had agreed to his offer, Saul found it hard to let go of the other man.Seeing Gavin now, from up close, made him reevaluate his legacy and appreciate his advanced senses more than ever.Gavin's flawless skin, the elegant, aristocratic curve of his nose, the light flush of his cheeks—everything about him drew Saul in, aroused him beyond belief.He forced himself to release Gavin because he didn't want to spook the human."Where do you want to go?" he asked.Gavin shrugged."I'm not picky.Somewhere we don't need a reservation or a dress code."Saul kind of wanted to woo Gavin with a candle-lit dinner—and where the hell had that impulse come from?—but that would have to wait."How about some waffles?" he suggested."Sounds great."Already making plans on how to seduce Gavin further, Saul left money on the counter for Gavin's soda and guided the young human toward the entrance.He caught a few jealous glances from other guys—which Gavin seemed completely oblivious to.Saul bared his teeth at his would-be opponents and predictably, they backed off.Thank fuck Saul had found him first.If he'd run into Gavin while someone else was touching him, there would have been one less asshole on the planet.And okay, maybe he should have been a little more freaked out about finding a human mate.Humans and werewolves didn't mix, not at that level.But now that he realized the truth, Saul couldn't have cared less about the rules of his kind.His animal side identified Gavin as his mate, and he was also drawn to Gavin at a human level.Wrapping a protective arm around Gavin's waist, he led his mate—shit, his mate—to the exit.One of the bouncers narrowed his eyes at him, but Saul just smirked in challenge.That was probably the student Gavin had mentioned.It looked like Gavin had some admirers among his students, or ex-students.Well, admirers or no, Gavin belonged to Saul.Now, if only he could convince Gavin of that too.Chapter ThreeGavin had no idea what he was doing.He knew next to nothing about the clubbing scene, and he'd only found out about the location of the establishment he'd gone to because one of his high school students had confessed to sneaking inside using a fake ID.And now, here he was, in a quaint little coffee shop, sipping shakes and eating waffles with the hottest guy he'd ever seen in his life.Literally, Saul dripped sexuality, in that I'm-a-bad-boy-and-you-know-you-want-me kind of way.Gavin had managed to cop a feel when he'd stumbled into Saul and even if it hadn't been intentional, he'd gotten a clue of the muscles hiding behind Saul's clothes.Not that the garments in question did a good job to disguise Saul's hotness.Heck, Gavin had stolen a glimpse at Saul's crotch and could have sworn those tight leather pants must have been painted on just to outline the other man's dick.Gavin felt his face flame as the memory caused his own cock to perk up.He focused on his shake and sucked the frozen liquid through the straw, so quickly he almost gave himself a brain freeze.Somewhat embarrassed, he looked up at Saul, only to find the other man watching him with an odd expression on his face.A few moments passed while they just stared at each other, and then his not-quite-date grinned."This is kind of awkward, isn't it?"Gavin mentally sighed.Saul probably didn't have any interest in him after tonight.Gavin was well aware of that.But Saul had still been so nice to him.Hell, Gavin felt safer with him than he ever had with Richard whom he'd known for months before they'd even moved in together.And even with all this, Gavin was somehow managing to screw it all up."I'm sorry," he said."I'm probably boring you already.""Not at all," Saul replied."To be perfectly honest, I don't usually go for waffles and shakes with guys I meet in clubs, so I'm not really sure how to act either.But I'm more than willing to learn, if you'll be patient with me."Gavin nearly swallowed his tongue at the emotion he read in Saul's voice, and in his gorgeous gray eyes.Damn it, he'd never known there were so many shades of gray in his life.Those deep orbs seemed to pierce his soul, making him want to crawl into Saul's lap, or maybe even to slide under the table and take Saul's dick into his mouth.And God, wasn't it telling that he'd already started to have erotic fantasies about Saul?Saul's nostrils flared and he leaned closer to Gavin.Gavin licked his lips, enraptured, aching for him.His hand itched to reach out and test the softness of Saul's dark, closely-cropped hair, but he was afraid that if he did that, he might not be able to stop himself from going further.Saul didn't seem to have the same scruples.Pushing the now empty shake glass aside, he brushed his fingers over Gavin's lips.Every single muscle in Gavin's body became hyper aware of Saul's proximity, just through that simple, nearly platonic touch.He'd have liked to open his mouth and suck in Gavin's fingers, but he didn't dare.Saul pulled the digits away before Gavin could muster the courage.Gavin's mind almost melted when Saul actually licked his fingers, explaining, "You had a drop of shake there.""T-Thank you," Gavin stammered.Shit, how could he be so eloquent in his job and suck so badly at romance?Fortunately for him, Saul kept the conversation going, preventing them from falling into awkward silence once more."Can I ask you a question, Gavin?"Technically speaking, Saul had already asked him something—but that was beside the point.Gavin couldn't have refused to answer Saul if his life depended on it."Sure.""Why did you come to that club in the first place? What were you looking for?"The inquiry snapped Gavin out of his lust-induced trance, and he hesitated.Saul pinned him with that deep gray gaze and said, "You don't have to answer me if you don't want to.""That's not it," Gavin said quickly."I just… You'll probably think I'm crazy."Hell, Gavin had told himself more than once how insane this entire plan had been, and if not for meeting Saul, he'd have long ago retreated to the safety of his own home.Saul chuckled."I doubt that, but even if it's true, crazy isn't always a bad thing.So try me [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]