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.Trevor moaned as I bobbed my head up and down, taking him just a little deeper into my throat each time.Trevor moved his hands to the back of my head and grabbed me by a tuft of hair, moderating my pace.“I don’t wanna cum quite yet.Why don’t you lick on my balls?” Trevor suggested.Taking my head off of his cock, I moved my mouth lower, sucking and taking Trevor’s shaved balls into my mouth.I grabbed his now slobbery shaft with my hand and with a loose grip started ever so slowly to jack him off.“Yeah bitch, suck my balls,” Trevor told me, smiling and putting his hands behind his head.Removing my mouth from his balls with an audible *pop* I grabbed Trevor’s cock a little more firmly and looked him directly in the eyes.“Daddy, can I sit on your cock?” I asked him.I felt his cock twitch in my hands.He loved it when I call him daddy.A sly look came into his eyes.“In good time, boy.First I want you to come over here and sit on my face,” he told me.Not having to be told twice, I climbed up on top of Trevor’s face and sunk my ass onto his mouth.He absolutely loved eating my asshole, and I absolutely loved letting him.Sitting straight up, I started grinding my hips back and forth on Trevor’s face.It felt amazing, and after a few minutes of this, my cock was already hard again, and I wanted nothing more than to hop on Trevor’s huge cock.I tried to get up, but Trevor held my leg’s down with his powerful arms.“Please daddy, please let me sit on your cock.I need it!” I whined.Chuckling, Trevor finally let me up.With my hard cock poking out in front of me, I grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand and drenched Trevor’s cock with it.Throwing my hips over his, I placed the slippery head of his cock at the entrance of my asshole and started to lean back on it.I moaned loudly as the tip of Trevor’s rock hard cock slipped inside of me.We’d fucked dozens of times before, but it always surprised me just how big he actually was.As I sank the rest of the way down onto his massive shaft, I finally felt my ass cheeks resting against his hips.I cried out involuntarily as I started to ever so slowly rock my hips back and forth.It felt so good that I couldn’t help myself from starting to bounce my ass up and down.“Fuck! Your cock is so big,” I cried, reaching down and grabbing my own shaft, rock hard and absolutely hemorrhaging pre-cum.Unable to control himself, Trevor grabbed me firmly by the hips and began to fuck me hard.Relaxing, I leaned back and braced my arms against the bed, enjoying the amazing sensation of getting fucked by such a huge cock.Suddenly, Trevor reached forward and grabbed my nipples, causing me to cry out in surprise.“Yes!” I cried out, thrusting my hips back against his cock, taking him as deep as I possibly could.Grabbing me by the hips, Trevor threw me off of his cock, flipped me onto my hands and knees and positioned himself behind me, placing the tip of his cock at the entrance of my now well stretched asshole.Spitting on my asshole, Trevor delivered a hard slap to my backside.“Do you want my cock?” he asked me.“Yes, daddy.I want it bad!” I told him, trying to push back onto his shaft.Chuckling, Trevor delivered another firm, open handed slap to my backside, stopping me from getting what I so desperately wanted.“Please? Please, will you fuck me?” I begged.Taking pity on me, Trevor finally slid his cock back inside of me, filling my asshole up and causing me to moan loudly.Grabbing me by skinny waist, my fuck buddy began pounding away at my ass, dipping his cock in and out and in and out of me.After a good solid ten minutes of getting fucked like that, I dipped my head against the mattress and felt the familiar, amazing sensation of an orgasm beginning to build in my body.“Trevor! Trevor! Fuck me harder! I’m gonna cum!” I yelled, digging my fingers into the mattress.Trevor did as I asked, pounding me even harder until I felt my orgasm let loose.My asshole squeezed and contracted around Trevor’s giant cock as my own cock spurt out a puddle of cum onto the sheets.I felt Trevor’s cock harden and them spasm inside of me, followed by a seeping warmness deep in my loins.“Fuck, I’m cumming!” Trevor yelled, smacking me on both ass cheeks.Lost in a cocoon of pleasure, Trevor and I’s bodies convulsed and shook until we collapsed in a heap on the mattress.Wrapping his arms around my shoulders, Trevor slowly pulled himself out of me, causing both of our bodies to shake in one last moment of bliss.Overwhelmed with exhaustion both from the trip and amazing sex, I closed my eyes and immediately fell asleep.***As I roused from my slumber, the first thing I noticed were the rays of morning light seeping in through the bedroom window.The next thing I noticed was Trevor’s lips wrapped around my cock.Smiling, I reached down and put my hands on his head, letting him know that I was awake and enjoying the hell out of the treatment I was receiving.Arching my back, I savored the luxuriantly warm and wet sensation of the best morning blow job I had ever received.Most of the time when I slept over at Trevor’s, he was the top, but every once in a while something would overcome him and he would be the bottom.When he grasped his cock with his hand and began licking my balls with long, slow strokes of his tongue I had a feeling that today was going to be one of those times.“Fuck Trevor, you are so good at that,” I told my lover as he continued to work my balls with his mouth.He smiled and started quietly humming.The vibrations drove me so wild that I had to pull away as I didn’t want to cum quite yet and ruin all of Trevor’s fun.When he noticed how turned on I was already, he climbed on top of me, straddling my body with his legs.Pinning down my shoulders, he shot me a devious smile as he positioned my cock at the entrance to his hole.Teasing me, he let the head of my cock slip inside of him before immediately taking it out.After sticking his fingers in my mouth, he moved his hands to my nipples and started squeezing them with his wet digits.This always drove me absolutely crazy, so of course Trevor was a big fan of doing it.Again, he let my cock slide inside of him, this time halfway down the shaft.By the time he moved my cock back outside of his body, I was as hard as I had ever been in my entire life and going absolutely wild.How he had the self-control to tease me like this, I’ll never know.“Oh my God! Stop doing that! Please! Let me in!” I complained with a smile on my face [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]