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.The HarvestPart OneAnne FerrettiThe characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious.Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by this author.Copyright 2013 © By Anne FerrettiAll rights reservedNo part of this book may be reproduced, or stored in retrieval form, or transmitted in any form by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without express permission from the author.In nature, competition to survive guarantees only the strongest species will prevail, thus eliminating the unfit.It is the evolutionary theory known as survival of the fittest.अग्रTable of Contents1 AFTERMATH2 AUSTIN3 LUKE4 MADISON5 EVE6 CLOSE ENCOUNTER7 DODGE CITY, KANSAS8 EDWARD9 SECTION SEVEN10 DODGE CITY DINER11 LAMAR12 THEORIES13 TAKING A RISK14 ZACK LONDERGAN15 PUEBLO16 THE BUNKER17 NEW FRIENDS18 BUNKER LIFE19 DEPARTURE20 BAD FEELING21 CHEYENNE22 VISITORS23 GENERAL ROTH24 SPECIMEN25 THE DISCIPLES26 DISSECTION27 ALIEN SKIN28 CHASE29 GHOSTS30 WORM HOLES31 CHARLIE32 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE33 DECEPTION34 FREEDOM35 FLIPPING TIME36 MADMAN37 FINDING FAITH38 THE PORTAL39 BLISS40 THE FITTEST41 THE FUTUREEPILOGUE1 AFTERMATHAsnow funnel charged across the frozen tundra of what was once an Oklahoma oil field.The tops of the derricks stood barely visible, held hostage under mountains of ice that cascaded down in frozen waterfalls over the hapless machines.At the base, and scattered whether the eye cared to see or not, were the dead.To the casual observer it appeared Mother Nature had gone mad.Bundled head to toe in subzero gear, Captain Austin Reynolds stopped to rest at the edge of the field.He watched the snow funnel with disinterest.He viewed the landscape in the same manner; his senses dulled to the sights before him.Having witnessed the madness first hand, he knew there was nothing natural about it.He knew when the freak storm descended upon the country, wreaking its havoc in less than forty eight hours, Mother Nature had not been on the stage for this play.She’d bowed out in haste, allowing an unknown to steal the show.Austin’s gaze traveled out across the harsh white expanse, past the bodies, towards the three suns hovering just above the horizon.Damn infernal suns.They’d held the same spot for six months, with the same brilliant halo of light surrounding the center sun, and the same mock suns, crescent in shape, one on each side.The edge of the mock suns facing the center sun were a dull orange in color and away from the sun was comet-like in appearance with a white tail disappearing behind it.Austin’s gaze shifted up to the sky above, which despite, and in spite of the presence of the suns, remained a dismal gray.General Roth had called the suns an atmospheric phenomenon.What they were was not important to Austin, nor did it matter in light of events occurring shortly after they appeared.What was important, and Austin tried to anticipate, was what chaos the final act might bring.The second act had been mild compared to the first, and he suspected the third was going to be a shit storm.He lowered his gaze back to the uncharitable landscape in front of him.Never trusting a calm aftermath, Austin knew that lull could be either friend or foe, usually the latter.Shaking his head at his own thoughts, he disagreed with his choice of words and shrugged.Calm didn’t give an accurate view of his new world, but in comparison, it worked as well as any other.The future was now blurred to the point of not existing, except as a memory that never happened.There wasn’t time to contemplate the loss of his future or that of mankind’s.Austin’s main concern was survival, which meant navigating the frozen terrain stretched out in front of him.Having calculated the time it would take to cross the field and reach the next town, he decided they would forge ahead.Back tracking meant running the risk of exposure and that was a vulnerability he could live without [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]