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.Deep Blue Foreverby Amie NicholsCopyright 2014Chapter 1AubreyI was sitting at the Denver airport waiting for Rex to pick me up when Ian texted me: Just want to make sure you made it to New York.What I wanted to reply was Go to hell you piece of shit, lying, asshole, but I didn't.Instead I texted: Yes.That word was going to be the last word I ever spoke to Ian Brady.I wasn't going to demand an explanation.I knew better than to trust someone so much that I just met.I went back on my one rule - no relationship; people change people in relationships.Ian Brady sure changed me, I was a blubbering mess.My heart was in a 1000 pieces, my whole world seemed different.I didn't want to go back to New York.The castle was being remodeled with the thought that Ian and I were going to live there.We had only been together for two months, and I was remodeling it for us to live in.God, can one get any stupider."Baby girl!" Rex yells to me as he rushes toward me, taking me in his strong arms and holding me tight.He's so much taller than me that the top of my head barely reaches his chin."I'm going to kill him," he grates not letting me go.I was able to get out enough of the story over the phone so he had a general idea of what was going on."Thank you for coming.I hope I didn't take you away from anything," I say through sniffs as he reaches down grabbing my bag then leads me to the exit."Baby girl, I would have been in the middle of playing the super bowl and I still would have walked off of the field for you," he says looking down at me giving me a smile.It makes me chuckle between sobs.He leads me to his red Aston Martin that he has parked in the red zone.A female airport officer is looking at the car and speaking into her walkie about needing a tow when we walk up."Sorry ma'am, I was in a hurry," he says to the thirty something woman, who goes flush instantly when she sees who she is talking to."Oh, that's OK, Mr.Olsen." She coos at him fiddling with her walkie."Thanks sweetie." Rex flirts with her as he places me in his car, putting my bag in the trunk.Once he's in the driver seat and revs the engine, he leans over me giving the turned to goo officer a sexy Rexy wink before he drives off.I look in the side mirror seeing the woman fanning herself as she watches us pull out of sight."Works every time," Rex says, grabbing my hand and giving it a squeeze."What do you do if it's a man?" I can't help but laugh at the way he uses his charms to get what he wants."Oh, offer to sign a football for them." He nods toward the back seat, and I turn to see NFL footballs lining the back of the car."Does it ever not work?" I shake my head at his candor."Only with you, baby girl." He turns giving me that same sexy wink and I just roll my eyes."See, nothing.If you were any other girl you would have your shirt off by now." He laughs.I'm so glad I decided to come to Colorado.No one can make me feel this good when I feel so bad.Chapter 2IanShe left me, and the way I acted when she said she needed some space was horrible.I handled it all wrong not knowing what in the hell to do.I never in my life have felt so helpless.I wanted to grab her, tie her down so she couldn't leave.At the same time, I'm mad as hell at myself for the way I treated her in that boardroom.I was mad at her for not excepting my apology, for wanting space from me, and like the stupid dense fuck that I was, I stomped out the door not even saying a goodbye.That night I didn't sleep, I drank and I wallowed.I had to get to her.I had to plead for forgiveness.I was going into work to tie up a few loose ends before heading to New York.After throwing my phone last night, I tell Tae I need a new phone pronto when I walk into the office.I don't like the feeling of Aubrey not being able to get a hold of me.I check my e-mails, seeing one from Dean who says that Jim Olsen came and left the cemetery in a cab.Well that is just fucking great! He could be anywhere, and Aubrey is out there unprotected.Just freaking swell!There's a knock at the door.I bellow, "Enter!" Michelle saunters in like everything is business as usual."How's Aubrey?" She asks in that low voice that really pisses me off now.It's because of her that my girl left."She's gone back to New York.""I'm sorry, Ian.I'm sure it's for the best." She casually says, sitting on the edge of my desk.Why in the hell is that for the best?" I shout, but she doesn't seem to notice.She is calm as she crosses her legs.She has on a short skirt, and the way she is sitting causes the skirt to ride up to her mid thigh."I'm sure it was hard for her to see us that way.I mean, at least you see it now, right?" She says, moving my laptop back so she can slide over in front of me."Michelle, there is nothing between us.Not anymore, and never will be again." I roll my chair back from my desk to put some distance between us."Oh Ian, really, don't fight it.It was so obvious in the meeting the other day," she says, staring deeply at me to make her point."Look, Michelle, apparently I'm an idiot." She interrupts me."No you're not.I knew you would come around eventually." She smiles uncrossing her legs, she spreads her thighs so her skirt inches up even more and I can see her panties from this angle."No, I mean I'm an idiot for not seeing what you felt." I stand instantly, moving around the desk."I love Aubrey, and I have never loved you." Michelle slides off the desk, coming around she lets out a low laugh and stands in front of me."Oh really, that's not what it was like in the conference room when you ignored her and only paid attention to me." She steps closer putting her hand on my chest, and before I can move she has her lips on mine.I feel like I'm going to vomit.The gut-wrenching guilt of another woman's mouth on mine that is not Aubrey's actually feels like poison in my stomach.I push her away with haste causing her to stumble, but she catches her balance.The obscenities that spew from her mouth fall on deaf ears.I have one mission right now and that is to get to my girl.I leave my office as Michelle follows screaming like a banshee, saying things like I was throwing away the best thing that ever happened to me, and some other shit that I don't listen to.I stop by Tae's desk long enough to grab my phone.Just as I am about to walk out the door, Michelle says something that stops me in my tracks [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]