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.TEACH: Safety in numbers.DON: Yeah.TEACH: Three-men jobs.DON: Yeah.TEACH: You, me, Fletcher.DON: Yeah.TEACH: A division of labor.Pause.(Security.Muscle.Intelligence.) Huh?DON: Yeah.TEACH: This means, what, a traditional split Am I right? We get ten off the top goes to Earl, and the rest, three-way split.Huh? That’s what we got? Huh?DON: Yeah.TEACH: Well, that’s what’s right.Pause.All right.Lay the shot out for me.DON: For tonight?TEACH: Yes.DON: Okay.Pause.I stay here on the phone.TEACH:.yeah.DON:.for Fletcher.TEACH: Yeah.DON: We meet, ten-thirty, ‘leven, back here.TEACH: (Back here, the three.)DON: Yeah.And go in.Pause.Huh?TEACH: Yeah.Where?DON: Around the corner.TEACH: Yeah.Pause.Are you mad at me?DON: No.TEACH: Do you want to play gin?DON: Naaa.TEACH: Then I guess I’ll go home, take a nap, and rest up.Come back here tonight and we’ll take off this fucking fruit’s coins.DON: Right.TEACH: I feel like I’m trying to stay up to death.DON: You ain’t been to sleep since the game?TEACH: Shit no (then that dyke cocksucker.)DON: So go take a nap.You trying to kill yourself?TEACH: You’re right, and you do what you think is right, Don.DON: I got to, Teach.TEACH: You got to trust your instincts, right or wrong.DON: I got to.TEACH: I know it.I know you do.Pause.Anybody wants to get in touch with me, I’m over the hotel.DON: Okay.TEACH: I’m not the hotel, I stepped out for coffee, I’ll be back one minute.DON: Okay.TEACH: And I’ll see you around eleven.DON: O’clock.TEACH: Here.DON: Right.TEACH: And don’t worry about anything.DON: I won’t.TEACH: I don’t want to hear you’re worrying about a goddamned thing.DON: You won’t, Teach.TEACH: You’re sure you want Fletch coming with us?DON: Yes.TEACH: All right, then, so long as you’re sure.DON: I’m sure, Teach.TEACH: Then I’m going to see you tonight.DON: Goddamn right you are.TEACH: I am seeing you later.DON: I know.TEACH: Good-bye.DON: Good-bye.TEACH: I want to make one thing plain before I go, Don.I am not mad at you.DON: I know.TEACH: All right, then.DON: You have a good nap.TEACH: I will.TEACH exits.DON: Fuckin‘ business.Lights dim to black.*Some portions of the dialogue appear in parentheses, which serve to mark a slight change of outlook on the part of the speaker—perhaps a momentary change to a more introspective regard.—D.M.ACT IIDon’s Resale Shop.11:15 that evening.The shop is darkened.DON is alone.He is holding the telephone to his ear.DON: Great.Great great great great great.Pause.(Cocksucking fuckhead.)Pause.This is greatness.DON hangs up phone.BOB appears in the door to the shop.What are you doing here?BOB: I came here.DON: For what?BOB: I got to talk to you.DON: Why?BOB: Business.DON: Yeah?BOB: I need some money.DON: What for?BOB: Nothing.I can pay for it.DON: For what?BOB: This guy.I found a coin.DON: A coin?BOB: A buffalo-head.DON: Nickel?BOB: Yeah.You want it?Pause.DON: What are you doing here, Bob?BOB: I need money.DON picks up phone and dials.He lets it ring as he talks to BOB.You want it?DON: What?BOB: My buffalo.DON: Lemme look at it.Pause.I got to look at it to know do I want it.BOB: You don’t know if you want it?DON: I probably want it.what I’m saying, if it’s worth anything.BOB: It’s a buffalo, it’s worth something.DON: The question is but what.It’s just like everything else, Bob.Like every other fucking thing.(Pause.He hangs up phone.) Were you at The Riv?BOB: Before.DON: Is Fletch over there?BOB: No.DON: Teach?BOB: NO.Ruth and Gracie was there for a minute.DON: What the fuck does that mean?Pause.BOB: Nothing.Pause.Only they were there.Pause.I didn’t mean anything.my nickel.I can tell you what it is.Pause.I can tell you what it is.DON: What? What date it is? That don’t mean shit.BOB: No?DON: Come on, Bobby? What’s important in a coin.BOB:.yeah?DON: What condition it’s in.BOB: (Great.)DON:.if you can (I don’t know.) count the hair on the Indian, something.You got to look it up.BOB: In the book?DON: Yes.BOB: Okay.And then you know.DON: Well, no.What I’m saying, the book is like you use it like an indicator (I mean, right off with silver prices.so on.) (He hangs up phone.) Shit.BOB: What?DON: What do you want for the coin?BOB: What it’s worth only.DON: Okay, we’ll look it up.BOB: But you still don’t know.DON: But you got an idea, Bob.You got an idea you can deviate from.Pause.BOB: The other guy went ninety bucks.DON: He was a fuckin’ sucker, Bob.Pause.Am I a sucker? (Bob, I’m busy here.You see?)BOB: Some coins are worth that.DON: Oddities, Bob.Freak oddities of nature.What are we talking about here? The silver? The silver’s maybe three times face.You want fifteen cents for it?BOB: No.DON: So, okay.So what do you want for it?BOB: What it’s worth.DON: Let me see it.BOB: Why?DON: To look in the goddamn.Forget it.Forget it.Don’t let me see it.BOB: But the book don’t mean shit.DON: The book gives us ideas, Bob.The book gives us a basis for comparison.Look, we’re human beings.We can talk, we can negotiate, we can this.you need money? What do you need?Pause.BOB: I came here.Pause.DON: What do you need, Bob?Pause.BOB: How come you’re in here so late?DON: We’re gonna play cards.BOB: Who?DON: Teach and me and Fletcher.TEACH enters the store.What time is it?TEACH: Fuck is he doing here?DON: What fucking time is it?TEACH: Where’s Fletcher?Pause.Where’s Fletcher?BOB: Hi, Teach.TEACH (to DON): What is he doing here?BOB: I came in.DON: Do you know what time it is?TEACH: What? I’m late?DON: Damn right you’re late.TEACH: I’m fucked up since my watch broke.DON: Your watch broke?TEACH: I just told you that.DON: When did your watch break?TEACH: The fuck do I know?DON: Well, you look at it.You want to know your watch broke, all you got to do is look at it.Pause.TEACH: I don’t have it.DON: Why not?TEACH: I took it off when it broke [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]