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.This was throwing me through a loop because if she was sobbing, it had something to do with Maggie.My Maggie.“I don’t know where she is,” she whispered, her voice sounding strained.As if she was on the verge of breaking down from all the emotions clogging her throat.“She’s gone” she added, when another sob ran through the line, I couldn’t even register what she was saying.I looked over at my bedside table where Maggie’s picture stood, smiling up at me.Maggie’s eyes held mine for a moment.How the hell could she be gone?“What the hell do you mean? By.Gone” I shouted down the line.I was starting to get pissed and the anger was seeping into my veins.I just wanted a straight answer.Had she run away? Had she been hurt? Had someone taken her? Every scenario was running through my mind.My world was collapsing in front of my eyes.Without Maggie, there was just no point anymore.I felt sick.My breath was at the back of my throat trying to escape but trapped by my thoughts of Maggie.My Maggie.I tried to rain in my emotions, but that was proving to be difficult.I wanted to ask so many questions.I finally found my calm voice and asked what I feared most.Confirmation.“What do you mean by gone, Marilyn?” I asked as quietly and calmly as I could, trying to hide my contempt for her.Her sobbing finally subsided into quieter sobs as she took a few breaths and answered as calmly as she could.“She’s just gone, her stuff, some money, but there was blood in the drive way Edward…….they think she’s been kidnapped” choking on those final words that made her start to sob again.I had no words.I just stared into space.I didn’t know how to answer.Or how to feel.Maggie was everything to me.The way she smiled.The way she laughed and her little quirky ways of soothing me.I couldn’t lose her.I wouldn’t lose her.Not now.Not ever.I was stood by her picture now, running my fingers over the glass that held her face.I looked into her eyes dancing in the picture and promised her then and there, that I’d find her.I’d always find her.My emotions were all over the place, but Maggie is what drove me forward.I had known that since we met.She was light to a moth, I couldn’t stay away.She guided me, led me through the dark and made me want her, love her, need her.I wouldn’t stop until I had her back where she belonged.With me.“I’m on my way” I barked into the phone and flicked it off.Slamming my fist into the closest wall.Smashing my knuckles again and again until the pain registered.Anger, frustration coated my entire body like a new skin, one that I would need to face her parents and actually find out what the hell was going on.Rafi was waiting patiently for an explanation with a concerned look, that held sympathy, but more than anything else, concern for Maggie.“Let’s go, if I drive I can get us there in fifty minutes” he offered quickly, skirting through our room for his keys and wallet while he slipped on his trainers and jacket.I was glad he was here, when I made the call to Maggie’s mother and for the support he had just offered.Rafi was the only friend I trusted with knowing about me and Maggie.Other people just didn’t understand what our relationship meant.It was complicated for sure, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.That’s what my gramps always told me anyways.Rafi had decided to apply to Cambridge, the same as me.I didn’t get the choice but at least we could dorm together.He had gone against his mother’s wishes of him attending an American university.At least Cambridge fitted the criteria that Rafi’s mother had expected.Heritage.Prestige.Rafi didn’t fit in a gilded cage like the one is mom wanted him to fit into.I was thankful at this moment that he had gone against her.He had always had my back, but when it came to Maggie, he loved her just as much as me.We had grown up together.He understood why I would want to belong to her and her alone.We had this dynamic when growing up.Rafi was from the same town, even though mine and Maggie’s parent’s lived in ostentatious homes with numerous staff.Rafi came from good stock, money and prestige but as our families were all for show, his family were inseparable both at home and at business.Making Rafi feeling pressured and isolated [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]