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.That phone call could be used against you in court.”Cade raised an eyebrow and waved a hand dismissively.“You need to stop listening to those conspiracy shows.And no, she didn’t mention anything about happy endings.She was being really flirty though, which I did think was odd, because…”“Because she’s way out of your league,” Kevin said jokingly.“Whoa, hold on.She might be out of my league financially, but let’s be fair.I’ve had straight men tell me I’m attractive.And massage therapists have an undeniable sexual mystique.Women pay me to let me rub my hands all over their naked body.They let their guard down, give me power over them and allow me to pleasure them in ways the man in their life can’t.Sure, when girls come into my office we all act professional and pretends nothing erotic is happening, but deep down inside everyone fantasize about it.Don’t get me wrong.Massages have serious legitimate health benefits, but that’s just icing on the cake.”Kevin faked a yawn and said, “Now you’re just stroking your dick and not getting to the point.”“It’s not about me.It’s just human nature.The point is, it’s not so unbelievable that this girl would flirt with me.”“If you say so.Now get to the part of the story where you break the law.”“So I showed up at her house a couple of days later, and the place looked like the frickin White House.We’re talking serious old money.It was pretty intimidating.When I rang the doorbell she opened it wearing a cashmere robe that probably cost as much as my massage table, which I didn’t have to bring because she already had one.She had a whole massage room in her house.Who does that? It was like she had completely run out of things to spend money on.So she decked out a room in her mansion for massages.”“Did you ever think that if she has a room in her house dedicated to massages, and she fucked you then you might have been the hundredth massage therapist she did that with?Without hesitating Cade said, “I’m pretty sure it was the first time she’s done this.”“What makes you say that?”“She said she’d just had the room furnished, and we didn’t have sex the first time I went over there.I’ve been seeing her every two weeks for the past couple months.”“Two months? I’m surprised you never told me.”“I would have if you ever called.”“Ouch.” After a contemplative pause Kevin said, “You got a point.I think I owe you a beer.”Kevin got up and went to the bar.A few minutes later he returned to the table with a pitcher and filled Cade’s glass before sitting down.After settling back into his seat he raised his own half empty glass and toasted, “To sticking together.”“To brothers,” Cade said.After taking a long pull from the glass he continued, “As I was saying, nothing happened at our first session.Well, that’s not completely true.See, I’m actually always paranoid about clients thinking I’m getting frisky and being inappropriate.So I never work their butt unless they specifically ask.As much as I wanted to spend the whole hour and half worshipping her ass I was in full-on professional mode and didn’t go anywhere near there.I didn’t even work as far up her thighs as I normally would because I didn’t want to risk losing her as a client.But when I got done she asked me why I skipped her butt.She seemed really disappointed.So I told her why, and she said next time I’d have to pay extra attention to that area.”“You keep calling this girl ‘her.’ What’s her name?”“Alexis Hollingsworth.Doesn’t she just sound rich?”Kevin spit out another mouthful of beer.“You fucked Alexis Hollingsworth?”“You know who she is? Did I fuck a celebrity?”“That big corporate building you met her at, was it called LGH?”“Uhhhh.Yeah, I think it was,” Cade said with a shrug.“You’re a dead man.The ‘H’ in LGH is Hollingsworth.Her husband owns the fucking company.That guy could buy a country in Eastern Europe if he wanted to.He could make you disappear easier than ordering a pizza.”Cade stared at the ceiling blankly, “She never said she was married, and I never saw a wedding ring.Shit.I don’t want to be a home wrecker… or dead.But we’ll worry about that after I finish the story.”“You have my attention,” Kevin said, folding his hands together.“So every week I’d drive out to Fancy Land and gave Alexis a massage.She liked to talk during our sessions, which is fairly normal.It’s hard not to make a connection with someone when they’ve had their hands all over your [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]