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.Keira held her breath and slowly slid her hands under the mattress for the weapon she kept there.She made contact with the hilt of the gun, gripped the handle, and pulled it out.Holding it tightly in her fists, she listened to the sound of someone fumbling with the locks on the window.She propped up the gun with both hands, holding it level.She was scared shitless.Could feel it with every jolt of her heart.Could feel the blood racing through her veins like a freight train.Despite the adrenaline shooting out through her fingertips, she held steady and focused in the dark as the top of a head came into view.The trespasser wore a hood and she couldn’t make out whether it was a man or woman, but judging by the width of the shoulders she knew it was a grown man.It was literally too late to call for help, and if she didn’t want to give herself away.She lowered herself to the bed in a position where she could still focus, aim, and shoot.A gloved hand broke through the window.Most of the sound was muffled as he expertly used a thick towel in the act.His face was hidden by a dark scarf.From afar, she saw as he examined the room.His center of attention fell on the row of bookcases to the right.It became evident that the intruder had no idea that she was at the other end of the room lying motionless on the daybed.The window frame shifted and creaked as he reached inside and turned the lock.She cocked the gun with a shaky thumb, and took a deep breath.Adorned in black clothing, he lifted himself inside not even making a sound.Keira feared for her life, but she was just as curious to find out what the intruder wanted.It was obvious that he came here on a mission.As he stood in front of the tallest bookcase with his back to her, she noticed that he was slimmer in build than she’d originally thought.His head moved from side to side as he took in everything in front of him.He slid a bulky duffel bag off his shoulder, held it by his side, and then moved closer to the bookcase.In her silent observation, Keira’s fingers went lax on the gun.After catching herself, she immediately tightened her grip again.The hooded intruder reached out and glided his gloved fingers along the middle row of books.He prowled slowly, his movements quiet and graceful.She had perfect aim, but still she failed to pull the trigger and make the shot that would kill the intruder on the spot.Hours and hours of gun practice for this very purpose…and she had yet to act.Suddenly, he stopped.Keira bit into her lips and held her eyes wide, careful not to blink.He plucked a book from the shelf, set it aside, and fumbled with something behind the other leather bound hardcovers.To her astonishment, the entire bookcase shifted almost as if someone had moved it away from the wall.The frame titled forward, almost as if it was a door.He reached inside, and pulled something out.It was a book.Larger in size than the others sitting on the shelf.She’d never seen any like it before.He shoved it inside his jacket, and then opened the door a little more.Keira craned her neck to get a better glance, but the angle was all wrong.His body blocked the view, and the darkness in the room didn’t help.Keira gasped.There was something metal-like in a glass box behind the door.The intruder turned sharply and spotted her.His wide eyes sparked bright against the darkened interior of the room.He reached for something behind his back.Her finger slipped and the gun fired.The bullet hit a tall decorative vase near the fireplace, shattering it to pieces.He made a bolt for the window, knocking over several items as he made his escape.She stood, gripping the gun tightly, but no longer had a perfect aim.His jacket tore on the jagged edges of the broken window as he hurled himself out of the home.The book he’d tried to swipe fell to the floor under the window.She jumped up with the gun still in hand.Heart pumping violently, she rushed toward him.He paused to assess the book lying on the floor, looked up at her, and then swiftly disappeared.As Keira peered outside in the darkness, she saw absolutely nothing.Heard absolutely nothing.The intruder was gone.Her heart still pulsed with ragged terror and she doubled over, fighting to catch her breath.Someone burst inside the library.“Keira! What happened? What was that?” It was the maid.Francine.She had turned on the lights.“Are you okay?” another asked, and she felt a delicate hand gripping at her shoulder.“No.” Keira shook her head, still looking out into the night, clueless.“Someone broke in here.”Francine made a wail of distress.“Thomas! Call the police.Now!”The police would do nothing, Keira was sure of it.They already thought she was crazy, and a lunatic.If they’d been patrolling the area in general as promised, the intruder would have been deterred from breaking and entering her home.“Are you okay? Can I get you something to drink until the authorities arrive?” Francine rubbed either side of her arms, and then spotted the gun.“Did you shoot him?”“I don’t think so.” Keira picked up the book that had fallen under the window.It had a metal cover with some sort of design.It was extremely heavy and the pages were thick and uneven.Francine was eyeing her strangely, so she walked over to the bookshelf with it in her hand.Astonishingly, the door that was once open was now closed, with no evidence whatsoever of the bookshelf being moved.Odd [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]