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.""I've done my share," Jacob admitted.It was one thing to be proud of your work, but he was never a fan of people who bragged."If you're looking for me to do a print campaign, you'd best talk to my agent.Mandy said there were a couple of companies who wanted me, and I don't know my schedule yet or if they're asking for exclusives.""I'll give her a call.I'd love to have you do some catalog work as well as the runway next week.""Sounds good.Like I said, call Mandy.If I'm not already scheduled, she'll put you down." Jacob gave her a smile."I look forward to working with you."He shook her hand, collected his book from her, and headed for the door, only to have a hand hook around his arm."Where are you going?""Hmm." Jacob looked up into Guy's intense gaze.Guy's grip was firm but gentle, not allowing Jacob to move forward but not tight enough to hurt.There was something unnervingly feral about the other man's expression."What?""Aren't you going to wait for me to ask you out?""Maybe later.I've got an underwear shoot to go to, and I need to figure out where it is.""I'll take you.My limo is parked outside."Jacob could've pulled the pride card, but it was fucking hot outside, and he would have preferred a cool limo to a stinky cab ride any day.He'd bet his modeling career that Guy's limo didn't smell of old garlic and questionable hygiene."Sounds good.You can sell me on the benefits of a date and indulge me with a glass of water?" He batted his eyes hopefully at Guy, whose stern mouth quirked up on one side."I can see you'll be a pricey boyfriend."Jacob's heart fluttered at the term "boyfriend", but he played along."Yep.I like that expensive water too.No tap water for me.I want it collected by virgins and bottled by nuns."Guy threw back his head and laughed."I'll see what I can do." He wrapped an arm around Jacob's shoulders and led him outside.Just as they exited the building, a sleek limousine pulled up to the curb."Classy driver.""I'm glad you approve.I'll be sure to share that with Joel.""You do that."Guy opened the door for him, not waiting for the driver to get out.Jacob scooted into the limo and wasn't the least bit surprised when Guy slid in right beside him.In the spacious vehicle, apparently the only spot available was next to Jacob, though it was difficult to mind with Guy's rock hard thigh rubbing against Jacob's.Jacob's cock was definitely interested."Anything I can help you with?" Looking up, he saw Guy's eyes were fixated on Jacob's erection."No.""No?" The astonishment in Guy's voice was almost worth the discomfort."No.I still don't know you well enough to let you touch my dick.Two encounters does not a relationship make."Wow, you really could hear a person grinding their teeth.He'd thought it was just an expression."I can't believe you're playing hard to get," Guy growled.Jacob's mouth dropped open in astonishment."I'm sorry if not letting you fuck me after a brief acquaintance is considered hard to get in your world, but I see enough casual sex in my line of work to know how it can ruin people's lives.So don't let me stop you if you'd rather fuck some guy who jumps when you crook your finger.You can just let me out now.I'm sure I can take my cock-teasing ass to my shoot by cab."Jacob crossed his arms and leaned against the seat, anger churning his stomach."Give me the address," Guy demanded after a moment of silence.Jacob almost didn't, but one look at Guy's implacable blue eyes and he handed over the little sheet of paper where Mandy had written the address.Guy pressed a button and the privacy screen descended.He rattled off the address to his driver before raising the screen again.Reaching across the limo, he pulled a bottle of water out of a hidden mini fridge and handed it over."I can't verify the virginity or the nuns, but it is bottled."Jacob gave a sniff as he took it, to let Guy know he wasn't impressed.Nevertheless, he opened the bottle and drank it down.His throat was grateful for the cool liquid.He'd learned over the years to take sustenance where he could find it, because photographers sometimes forgot you were human and not inanimate objects to be moved at their whim.Minutes later, they pulled up to the building.The driver parked the limo illegally in the fire lane and opened the passenger door."Here you go, Mr Franks.""Thank you, Joel.How long will this thing take?" Guy asked Jacob."Several hours.I can catch a cab home.""Nonsense.I want to take you to dinner.I've got my computer and my phone.I can work anywhere." Before Jacob could argue, Guy pulled out a computer bag from a pocket in the limo door and exited the vehicle.Jacob shot a nervous grin to the driver.Exiting, he wondered how he got himself into these kinds of situations.Luckily, upon entering the studio, he saw his favorite photographer behind the large digital camera.At least one thing was going in his favor."Jacob, my boy." Catching sight of him, Pablo Garza gave Jacob a big smile."Pablo.Long time." Jacob leaned forward to kiss the photographer on the cheeks, only to be yanked back by Guy."What are you doing?""Watching you kiss someone when you haven't even kissed me yet.I don't think so."Jacob rolled his eyes."I'm so sorry you can't stay," he said through gritted teeth."Oh, I'm staying," Guy said, his blue eyes narrowing."I'm not going to miss a chance to see you in your underwear.""Keep it up and it will be the only time you see me in my underwear," Jacob vowed.Pablo was in his forties, but in amazing shape [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]