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.I woke up this morning with my body curled around his chest and my head against his neck.He had his arms around me and his face buried in my hair.“So I panicked and got out of there before he woke up.I left my shirt there.” I pause and let out a breath because this is gonna be the kicker.“Oh and I don’t know his name or even how to get to his house to get my shirt back.”Jessica is staring at me like she has never seen me before.“You don’t know his name? I feel as if I taught you better than this.”“I know and I’m totally ashamed of myself.I don’t know why I even did what I did.I blame it on the alcohol.” I say laughing at my joke.She doesn’t find this funny and frowns at me.“Are you sure nothing else happened? I mean he could have taken advantage of you while you were passed out.”I shake my head.“No he didn’t.I mean I know I have never done it or whatever but I’m sure that I would know if something the size of a penis had been up there Jessica.”“Yeah you are right about that.You would be sore.” She rubs her temples as if this will help her figure out my problems.“Well you have two choices here.Either you forgot about your shirt or that this ever happened or you find out who he is.”“Oh I’m finding out who he is.That is my favorite shirt and I maybe kind of like him a little bit.” I stutter out that last part.“Really Teag you think you like him? Oh this is awesome.I hope he is a decent person because you have never liked anyone.” She smiles from ear to ear.“Mom thinks you’re a lesbian and just too afraid to tell them.”“What? Why does she think that?” I question.I’m completely stunned by this.“I guess it’s because you wear a lot of black and never had a boyfriend.I have told her this isn’t the case but she thinks I’m lying for you.” She rolls her eyes and I laugh.“Did you also tell her that it’s her huge knuckle dragging sons that scare off all the guys I even look at?” I fall back on the bed and throw my pillow at the wall.“I mean its bad enough that they are so over protective but now they have your mother thinking I am gay.” Which is not a bad thing by any means it’s just I’m not.“I know sweetie but you know how she is.You are different from the rest of us on several levels.” I start to get mad but she calms me down.“You are special to each and every one of us Teagan, even mom.You brought sunshine into this house and love back into this family.” I give her a confused expression and she goes on.“Mom and dad were always at each other’s throats, always fighting and I was scared that they were headed to divorce.I remember the day you walked into this house with your hello kitty bag and big scared eyes.Mom let go of her hate and I still don’t know what it was about you but you fixed all their problems.”I was stunned speechless.I didn’t know that they had been fighting like that before I moved in.I remember them always being happy.“Are you sure? They have always seemed happy to me.”“I’m sure sweetie.You fixed them.Dad stopped staying away from home all the time and mom smiled for the first time is years.And they aren’t the only ones either.” She takes my chin and nudges it up so I can look her in the eyes.“Teagan I was messing around with boys and drinking heavily because I didn’t want to deal with them.You helped me because you fixed them.My home was happy again.“Forest was smoking a ton of pot and used to be gone all the time too.Marie was pretending that nothing was wrong which wasn’t good for her and I hate to think what would happen if they did get divorced.And the twins? They were acting out and beating the crap out of boys at school and each other until you walked into their lives and they stopped being hoodlums.”At this point I’m crying because I had no idea that any of this was going on before I moved in.Well I knew about the twins because I was in school with them.“Why are you crying Teag? I didn’t mean to make you upset.I just wanted you to know that you’re the most special person in this family.” She pulls me into a hug and I dry my tears before I stain her shirt.“I know Jess, these are happy tears I swear.” I smile at her through them and I finally feel like I might belong in this family.DeclanShe was gone when I woke up.Here and gone like a thief in the night.I feel like she stole my heart so maybe she is a thief.I know I don’t know her or anything I mean hell I didn’t even catch her name and that makes me ashamed to have even touched her.She did something to me, something I can’t forgot or ignore.I still feel her hands on my body and hear the soft moans that came from her lips.I’ve never had someone so responsive; it was like she was as lost in me as I was in her.Claire wasn’t a virgin when I met her and she kind of laid there like she didn’t enjoy it at all.Needless to say we didn’t have sex all that often.And all the random hookups I have had in the past eight weeks where just to scratch an itch.She’s different and I can’t get her out of my head.I never loved Claire I mean who could love a bitch like that.I tried and I guess I shouldn’t have stayed with her for so long.I just felt that it was what was expected of me.I was the quarterback for our high school football team and she was the head cheerleader and I know it sounds cliché but it was what it was.I hung her shirt on my closet door after I sponged all the beer out of it.I can’t help but stare at it and imagine her in it.She is so tiny I feel like big foot compared to her.She isn’t my type at all.I go for the tall leggy blondes and curves.She’s not any of that with long curly black hair and 5 foot tall body.Where I have overindulged with big boobs and ass, she is just handfuls in those areas.I love it.My younger brother Marcus barges into my room scaring the crap out of me.He’s sixteen and acts every bit of it [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]