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."Sure, Preston… I'd love to go to lunch with you."A look of relief crossed over Preston's face and he grinned."Great! Are you ready to go? We'll take my car."Despite his reservations, Justin returned Preston's smile, pushed away from his desk and stood up."All right… lead the way."Justin grabbed his coat and followed behind Preston's hideous shirt, which he thankfully covered with a light brown jacket, and prayed the hour would pass quickly.Chapter TwoPreston's heart beat frantically as he walked with Justin to his car.He couldn't believe the lovely, outgoing man had taken him up on his invitation for lunch.Preston glanced over at Justin walking next to him.Justin walked with confidence beside him as the winter sun beat down onto his shining black hair.Preston liked the way Justin always looked comfortable in his skin.Justin zipped up his black leather jacket and shivered from the cold.His electric-blue eyes gazed at Preston questioningly and a slight smile formed on his face.He could tell Justin was shocked by his lunch invitation by the surprised but wary look he gave him.Preston wanted to wink at Justin and hopefully put Justin into the fun, flirtatious mood he knew, and often enjoyed watching him command the attention of others, without even trying.But by the time he got up the nerve to give Justin what he hoped was a sassy wink, Justin had looked away.Damn.Another chance ruined.Trying to squelch his disappointment at being a coward again, he reached in his front pocket and pulled out the key fob to his brand new, shiny black Ford Mustang GT coupe.Preston loved his car.It was so different than the old Ford Escort he had driven for over fourteen years.Ever since Preston started driving at sixteen, he had lusted over the sleek sports car, and with some sacrifice and a lot of saving on his part, he'd been able to finally buy his dream car outright.He watched Justin's eyes roam over the Mustang with an appreciative gleam in his eyes.Preston followed behind Justin as he walked to the passenger's side.As Justin reached for the door handle, Preston got to it faster and opened the door for him.Justin stood there and looked at him with that deerin-the-headlights look he'd given him when he asked him to go to lunch.This time, the stunned look continued for a few moments before he slid gracefully onto the buttery soft leather seats.Preston closed the passenger door and jogged around to the driver's side.He slid in just as Justin was buckling his seatbelt.Preston buckled his own, then started the car, loving the sweet, badass rumble it made."Where would you like to have lunch?" Preston asked.He turned the heat on full blast and gazed over Justin."Um… wherever is fine with me.""Sorry, I don't know where 'wherever' is," Preston joked.Justin looked over at him with a raised eyebrow, gave a polite chuckle."Seriously, Preston, considering that I usually eat a frozen dinner at lunch time, anything you chose will be much better than that.""How about The Faded Rose? They have a little of everything on the menu, and the food is good.""Okay."Preston pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward the restaurant.As he drove, he watched Justin out of his peripheral vision.Justin sat quietly, looking out the side window.Wanting to get Justin talking, Preston's mind raced to think of something to say.He nervously cleared his throat desperately trying to come up with a topic that might perk Justin’s interest.But still he had nothing.Something about Justin made his mind go blank and got him tongue-tied.He glanced at Justin and noticed him looking at Preston expectantly.Shit.Just as he was going to ask Justin what he thought about the weather, he saw him shrug and look back out the window.So much for stimulating conversation.Silently cursing himself and his cowardice, Preston drove his car into the crowded parking lot and found a parking place not too far from the entrance.He parked the car and they both walked quickly to the front door.Once again, Preston managed to get to it before Justin and opened it for him.Justin murmured something that sounded like "thank you" and Preston followed him into the restaurant's semi-dark interior.A short, pretty woman dressed in black skirt and white shirt greeted them almost as soon as they walked into the front door and led them to an intimate twoseater table in the corner.They both slipped off their coats and hung them on the back of their chairs.As Preston watched Justin sit, he wished he'd gone ahead and pulled out his chair for him.Any gentleman would for someone as lovely as he was.He made a mental note to do that for Justin the next time they ate together.If he was fortunate enough to get Justin to eat out with him again.The waitress came and took their drink order.Preston closed his menu and set it on the table.He watched Justin look over the menu, his full lips moving slightly as he read the words to himself.Since Justin was busy concentrating on the menu, Preston took the opportunity to check him out, unnoticed.As far as Preston could recollect, he had never met any man who held a candle to Justin's attractiveness.Preston had always thought pretty boys just existed in magazines and the movies until he first laid eyes on Justin.What fascinated him most was the stark contrast between Justin's short, spiked black hair and those bluer-than-blue eyes framed with full dark eyebrows and long lashes.When Justin looked at him it made Preston feel like he gazed right through him into the bottom of his soul.Preston could tell when Justin had gone out to a club or wherever else he happened to wear makeup because the next day at work Justin's eyes looked like they were still faintly lined from the night before.As he watched those beautiful eyes scan the menu, Preston wished he could see what Justin looked like when he dressed to impress.He bet it was truly an amazing sight.Preston was startled out of his thoughts when the waitress set his glass of sweet tea on the table [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]